No 3D specs included (or required).
Just your open eyes.

This page can be summed up in two words: fun hodgepodge. Some of these sample clips are from film production work we’ve done. Other bits you’ll see are from our growing record of video for the Web. We’ve also built quite the catalog of movie scoring work, and shared some favorites here.

We score, music supervise,
script, direct and produce
original video for your story.

There are (roughly speaking) just under eleventy zillion ways to watch these online clips. Papa Chuy likes to imagine you’ll blow us up full-screen on your biggest widescreen monitor, and pump us through your best hi-fi audio rig. And roast up some Jiffy-Pop®.

However you play it, we present to you, now, a brief cross section of our work.

If you’ve just seen The. Best. Reel. Ever. (or something thereabouts), then it’s time we get started on your project, yes?

Even if you’re impressed that PCM can cover such wide-ranging creative ground, we hardly figure to close the deal there. Let us pitch a video concept for your story. We’d love nothing more than to hear:

quote balloon: That clinches it: Papa Chuy is the media house for me!

Did you listen to our music yet? Papa Chuy’s sonic workbench bears the experienced patina of five-plus decades (not counting Babaloo). You can hear samples from that deep treasury—even download a new free song every so often!

New video production samples arrive now and then, too. You can catch alerts on that when you join our mailing list. And hey—who knows…

Ol’ Papa just might go all 3D on ya, down the road a ways.