Get ready to have new music
at your fingertips.

In some projects, original music production is a star, a main ingredient. For others, it’s a key to the “spice blend” that helps make a story unique. And then, sometimes, you just need a little dash, a sprinkle, a pinch of the right flavor, to taste…

Add a little glasskid/Papa Chuy music
to your story…
on demand.

While we create music for clients and for ourselves, we often develop ideas that ultimately don’t fit the job at hand. But they’re good ideas, all the same. So, we’ve saved them, and even made more in the name of experimental fun. That growing collection is nearly ready to make its début, here, as Papa Chuy’s exclusive license-ready music library.

When you need music more tailored and focal to your project, please connect with us to exchange ideas. When a piece from our library will work perfectly, you’ll be able to grab it and go, the way you reach for salt and pepper while you’re improvising in the kitchen. And since we’re still on that cooking metaphor…

Have you ever suddenly craved cinnamon buns, or vegetable curry, or hot buttered rum (or whatever) just because you found the inspirational ingredient in your pantry? Even if you’re not looking for something in particular, we hope you’ll browse our music library with a curious and open imagination.

By the bye, LIBRARY LAUNCH DAY happens

24 months, 23 days, 14 hours, 25 minutes, 48 seconds ago

Have a listen to our work samples, as well. And ‘know what? You can even have a special one to keep! Visit our free MP3 download page to help yourself.

If you like, we can send you an eMail when we launch the library. Otherwise, simply bookmark this page and come back any time.