thought balloon: Hmmm... What's all this?

You’re here to dig up some backstory on us, yes? Welcome! We’re happy to dish. Should you decide we’re worthy of your virtual rolodex, we hope you’ll introduce yourself and stay in touch.

We make music and video
that help storytellers
move audiences.

Once upon a time, we simply made our own music. We are artists since our childhoods and, like you, we have tales to tell. While you nurtured your story from idea to implementation, our team’s chronicles blended into a new collaborative adventure. Today, when you need creative media producers to help deliver your handiwork to screens, stages, or loudspeakers…

Bring that baby to
Papa Chuy.

Music and video production services. That’s what we offer, in a nutshell. But let’s face it—shell’s got no flavor. For a much better taste of what Papa’s cookin’, you want actual nibbles:

· listen
We compose original songs, incidental music, and full scores.
Let us write the soundtrack to your masterpiece. Or add our production flair to your music and music video projects.
· watch
We produce video for film, television, and the Web.
Documentary and short films make us especially happy.
Here, you may also view clips from our scoring oeuvre.
· download
We share freebies with you from our original catalog.
Periodically, we give away a piece of our work to pique
your interest. You’ll find our press kit on this page, too.
· purchase
We create original music for this license-ready library.
Browse our sonic amuse-bouche when you need
“just a little something different” for your fast, lean ventures.

There’s lots more to talk about in each of those areas. Click them all (one at a time, naturally) to dig deeper.