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The music and video we create as Papa Chuy Media are born of a whole mother lode ton of passion, dedication and resourceful vision. The sample clips and library files we add to these pages, no matter how varied and unique, can only hint at who we are.

We want you
to know more.

That’s why you can take home a full, hearts-on-our-sleeves piece of original music. Right here. Just right-click on the “download” link that appears as soon as you begin listening to the song on our page, or right-click on the song title, itself. Then choose where you’d like to deposit your gift. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

the wife of paul gauguin
Patsy Moore
from her new concept album
“There’s a… rich instrumental blend to Expatriates with [Patsy Moore's] light—often whispery—vocal thankfully sitting above the instrumental mix, [so] that the disc often feels like a soundtrack to a… film…” – Groove Loves Melody

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